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Slab Leaks

Leak Detection Emergency Services

At Controlled Plumbing, we can keep water damage from occurring through proper repairs and
maintenance. But when water leak emergencies occur, don’t worry—we can help.

Signs That You Have A Slab Leak


Rising Water Bills. You should always be monitoring your home’s water bills from month to month. Though these bills will rise and fall with how much water you use, you should look for any unexplained spikes that may indicate a leak. If your water bills are much higher than they should be, it may be that you have a slab leak.

Water Meter. One easy way to tell if you have a leak in your system is to turn off all the plumbing appliances in your home and watch your water meter. If your water meter is still running, it means that you probably have a leak somewhere in your home. Call Controlled Plumbing for plumbing repairs if you notice this.

Sounds of running water. Sometimes a slab leak can also be detected by simply listening for the sound of running water. You may need a plumber to determine the exact location of the leak.

Water puddles along the outside of the house. If you notice water puddles along the side of the house and it’s not the result of your sprinklers or water hoses take a closer look. Chance are you might have a slab leak. 

Slab Leak Symptoms

Puddles of water on the floor/wet carpet. A good indicator of a slab leak is when you see puddles of water coming from up under your floor. Usually you will see leaks in areas close to plumbing, such as bathrooms, kitchen or the laundry room.

The water is coming from the slab, surfacing and finding the path of least resistance. If you touch the water and it’s hot you’re dealing with a hot water slab leak which is what homeowners will have about 80% of the time when dealing with these types of leaks.

Many times when you have a slab leak the water doesn’t surface, right away. The water is being absorbed by the ground underneath the slab. Your slab leak symptoms might not be water coming in the house.

Call Controlled Plumbing at (817) 752-9410 for your home service, leak detection and repair needs.

Are you facing serious water leaks? Call Controlled Plumbing immediately. With our emergency services, you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you recover.

Our professionals will come out, repair the water leak, and prevent more damage from occurring. We offer quick service windows for emergencies to ensure timely service.


We can fix water leaks coming from broken appliances, water heaters, and plumbing; overflowing toilets, sinks, and bathtubs; and any other messy situations you’re facing.


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