We are closely monitoring updates and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and our local health officials. For your protection, we have enhanced our Technician’s protocol and safety measures. They are equipped with personal protection equipment (PPE) including Facemasks, Gloves, Shoe Covers, and Sanitizer. We thoroughly disinfect and clean all tools and equipment after every job. Most importantly, we have been briefed on safe practices within our customers’ homes and CDC’s recommendations. Thank you for trusting us with your plumbing needs.

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Your Plumber in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa plumbing services don’t get any better than this. 2D Plumbing offers quality work and fast service for Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex homeowners and businesses, including 24/7 emergency services when you need us most. But above all, we have focused on superior customer service from start to finish since 2008.

2D’s plumbing services are on-call whether you have leaky or burst pipes, clogged drains, or other plumbing frustrations big or small. Our entire company is licensed, bonded and insured, and we offer free estimates on our work before service begins. Because quality is guaranteed with 2D’s professionals, no wonder Costa Mesa trusts us for all their plumbing needs!


Our Plumbing Services in Costa Mesa

2D Plumbing is the best plumbing company in Costa Mesa to choose for all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs. There is no limit to what 2D Plumbing can do for you. We perform interior and exterior plumbing services on both residential and commercial buildings. If you’re looking for the highest quality of plumbing repair, replacement, and installation services, we are the right company for you. Just because we have the highest quality of plumbing services, does not mean you are going to pay the highest prices. As a matter of fact 2D Plumbing has some of the most competitive prices in the greater Costa Mesa area. We offer free whole-house plumbing inspections and put our entire quote in writing before you agree to do business with our company. No gimmicks. No hidden pricing. Just great plumbing services at great prices.

Most Costa Mesa residents know 2D Plumbing as a residential plumbing company that helps locals with the plumbing dilemmas. We like to think of ourselves as a medium sized plumbing company with a small company’s level of customer care. Despite our reputation of being Costa Mesa’s best residential plumbing company, 2D Plumbing is a well respected commercial plumbing company. You might ask “why is 2D Plumbing one of the fastest growing plumbing companies in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex?” There are several attributes which contribute to our company’s growth. We feel our warranties are one of the things that allow our company to surpass so many other plumbing companies. 2D Plumbing offers 18 month labor warranties on all installation projects. Our 18 month warranty is in addition to manufacturers warranties. Manufacturer’s warranties cover product defects and equipment failures. There are quite a few local plumbing companies, but none that are willing to stand behind their work like 2D Plumbing. We are confident we will be the plumbing company you will choose for all of your plumbing needs time after time.


Water Heaters

It’s hard to imagine our daily lives without hot water. It’s safe to say that the only people that won’t take their water heater for granted today are people with a broken water heater. 2D Plumbing has the best prices on water heater repairs and installation. Additionally, we will get your water heater repaired or replaced quickly. Below you will be able to learn more about the two different types of water heaters. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We provide free estimates and free whole house plumbing inspections.

Standard Water Heaters – This is the most common type of water heater found in homes and businesses in Costa Mesa. How does a standard water heater work? A standard water heater has a tank full of water. These tanks come in different sizes. Most homes have standard water heaters that hold 40-60 gallons of water. The water within the tank is constantly kept hot using natural gas. When a fixture or appliance within the home requests hot water, the water heater will send water to the appropriate resource. Standard water heaters are ideal if you have a limited budget or do not plan on owning the property for a long period of time. They have a lower up-front cost, but are not as efficient as the tankless water heater. After all, it takes a lot of energy to keep 40-60 gallons of water at a constant temperature. The higher monthly energy cost is not the only pitfall of a standard water heater. A standard water heater only lasts about 8 to 15 years on average. Due to the low cost of installing a brand new standard water heater, it is always recommended to weigh the repair costs versus replacement costs. The older a water heater is the less remaining value it has. If your water heater is 10 years old, and can be repaired, it may still be more cost effective to replace it. 2D Plumbing will give you an honest assessment of whether your water heater should be repaired or replaced. Ultimately we will leave the decision up to you. Our plumbing company gives free whole house plumbing inspections. Additionally, we have a no-pressure approach to all of our services. 2D Plumbing technicians will provide friendly service at an affordable price. If you are interested in tankless water heaters and reducing your monthly utility bills, you can learn more about tankless water heaters below.

Tankless Water Heaters – A superior option in place of standard water heaters in almost every way. A tankless water heater, as the name implies, does not have a tank. Instead of having a large tank full of water that is kept at a constant temperature, the tankless water heater heats water instantly. It heats water by passing water through a heating element when hot water is needed. Since the water is only heated when you or an appliance requests it, the amount of energy it takes to heat the water is substantially lower than a standard water heater. The lower monthly energy cost is not the only benefit of a tankless water heater. If you have a tankless water heater you will never run out of hot water. Those of you who have ever run out of hot water know how frustrating it can be. Additionally, the tankless water heater lasts twice as long as a standard water heater. The only drawback of a tankless water heater is the cost more money initially. However, when you factor in their lifespan coupled with the energy savings, a tankless water heater will essentially pay for itself. If it is within your budget to upgrade to a tankless water heater, you should definitely opt to purchase a tankless water heater. If you have questions about the pros and cons of tankless water heaters, give us a call. 2D Plumbing will be happy to answer any questions you have about tankless water heaters or our plumbing company.

Clogged Drains and Toilets

Clogged drains and toilets are the most common type of service calls we receive.

A clogged drain or toilet can happen to anyone at any time. Even a licensed plumber can have a clogged drain or toilet from time to time. It’s probably no surprise to most people that the most common type of service call we receive is for clogged toilets and drains. A vast majority of clogs can be taken care of very quickly. 2D Plumbing uses the hydro jetting technique which is both more efficient and thorough than standard draining cleaning techniques.

Everyone wants water to drain quickly from showers and sinks. When a toilet is clogged it can cause a more dangerous and potentially costly problem. Older toilets can use as much as three and a half gallons of water when flushing. Even newer toilets that are ultra-low-flow (ULF) still use over a gallon and a half of water. When a toilet is clogged many people make the mistake of flushing the toilet a second time when the bowl is already filled. This can cause one or even several gallons of contaminated water to spill out onto your floors. If that water is able to get to under and baseboards or under the flooring, you may end up getting mold. The contaminated water also carries the risk of making you or others ill when they come into contact with the area where the contaminated water has touched. It is important to contain the water as quickly as possible and decontaminate any areas that have come into contact with the toilet water. If your toilet has a blockage it is important not to flush the toilet again until the water has receded to normal levels.

When Costa Mesa residents need help clearing a blockage in their: sink, shower, tub, or toilet, they call 2D Plumbing. We will quickly identify the cause of the problem and get it resolved in an expedient manner.

Commercial Plumbing Services

2D Plumbing takes all plumbing matters seriously whether they are commercial or residential. We have the fastest plumbing service call response times in Brea. That being said, we know when it comes to a commercial plumbing issue at your business, it can cause you to lose valuable operating time. 2D Plumbing is chosen by Brea businesses and commercial property management companies because they trust company’s capabilities to resolve their plumbing problems quickly and affordably. Additionally, there is no type of commercial plumbing matter that we cannot handle. We take care of all types of commercial plumbing issues including ones related to: kitchen plumbing, bathroom plumbing, drains, sewer lines, grease traps, water filtration systems, water heaters, and more. There are no limits to the scope of commercial plumbing work 2D Plumbing can manage.

Residential Plumbing

2D Plumbing is one of the most well respected leaders in the Costa Mesa residential plumbing industry. Where other plumbing companies choose to do the bare minimum, we go above and beyond. What makes 2D Plumbing different than the other local plumbing companies? 2D Plumbing gives all estimates in writing before the work begins. Additionally, we provide free whole house plumbing inspections. That is in direct contrast to most plumbing companies that “nickel-and-dime” their customers and charge for everything possible. Our goal is to provide complete pricing and service transparency. 2D Plumbing also stands behind our work by offering an 18 month warranty on labor! Our 18 month warranties are in addition to part manufacturers warranties. Our professional licensed plumbers can help you with everything from leaking pipes, clogged drains, water heater repair & installation, outdoor plumbing and more.

Commercial Plumbing

2D Plumbing is proud to have been able to develop such great relationships with Costa Mesa businesses. We know better than anyone that we have to be able to rely upon other businesses to help us thrive. When you have a plumbing emergency, you can rely upon 2D to resolve your issue quickly. Additionally, you can trust that the quality of the work we perform will be above the industry standard. After all, we back our labor with an 18 month warranty. We understand better than anyone that you rely upon your commercial property to generate income. We are here to help ensure your commercial plumbing needs are met so you can minimize any potential downtime due to plumbing related issues.

Benefits of Our Plumbing Services

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Emergency Service

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Fast Service Windows

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Quality Guaranteed

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Licensed and Insured

2D is licensed, bonded
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Free Estimates

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Green Plumbing

Our plumbing is
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What We Love About Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa is arguably one of the best cities in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Costa Mesa meaning “coastal tableland” has over 100,000 residents. During the last census predating the upcoming 2020 census there were 113,000 people living in Costa Mesa, but that number has certainly grown. When we are trying to think about all the things we love about Costa Mesa, we find ourselves asking “what’s not to love?” Costa Mesa is without question one of our favorite cities in which we service. While it can be hard to pick just a few things we love about Costa Mesa, we have done our best to highlight a few of them below.



Costa Mesa is the action sports capital of California, the United States, and arguably the world. Some of the most well known companies in the skateboarding and surf apparel, gear, and equipment industry have roots that started growing or are firmly planted in the humble Pacific soils of Costa Mesa. Volcom, Hurley, RVCA, Rip Curl, and Vans are just a few of the companies tied to the Costa Mesa community. Where there are skate clothing companies, there are skate parks. The city of Costa Mesa itself has a skate-park which boasts a full 15,000 sq feet of skate real estate. If you are not into skateboarding, no worries, there are plethora of other outdoor activities in which Costa Mesa has to offer. Fairview Park is a favorite destination for bike riders that choose not to take the short jaunt to the beach.


Costa Mesa has a host of attractions regardless of what your interests may be. Looking for a place to relax? Perhaps you have an interest in landscape design or architecture? Noguchi Garden might be the place for you. Clean lines, amazing hardscapes, and a Zen feel make it a great place for those looking to relax. Ready for retail? The LAB Anti-Mall is a shopping experience that truly embodies the Costa Mesa spirit.


Collectively, the people that live in Costa Mesa are some of the most eclectic and well rounded individuals a city could ever hope to have. Costa Mesa is a good representation of the spirit of Southern California. 2D Plumbing is proud to be able to help Costa Mesa residents and businesses in their time of need. As Costa Mesa continues to grow, so will 2D Plumbing. We will continue to grow to make sure we are always able to respond quickly and give you prices on service that are lower than other Costa Mesa plumbing companies. We recognize and appreciate all of the things and people that make Costa Mesa such a great city.

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